My surprise at Bioware?

Ok, so I know this is a bit behind (not really), but the TOR announcement of the final two classes was for me a bit underwhelming. Jedi Consular and Sith Inquisitor in my opinion look and feel like variants of the existing character classes they already had, and much more importantlly like variants that should have been something the player could flesh out through leveling/story path/playstyle decisions.

I'm not going to go into how all the hands on reviews discuss the cleaning out of tombs in the early demo, but for a game that was touting how its story based adventure will be the main draw, it seems to be setting itself apart mostly because it's the only game with in game voice work. Don't get me wrong that great for immersion in a single player environment, but I don't knwo how that works in an MMO. It's hard to have player chat, and in game voice and be able to pay attention to both, but while I'm sure that's something they've thought about, I can't find any answers from them on it.

I do however find it funny that they have announced and had reviews for the classes, but haven't updated their own site about it yet.

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TriadDragon said...

I noticed that too about the reviews versus their site. My initial thought was how the Pre-CU crew that thinks ToR is going to the be their savior is going to take that 2 of the 4 classes (since that is really all their is considering the split between Jedi and Sith) are Force related (and also all the current Jedi haters in SWG).

I still find myself completely uninterested in this game. There are so many things that are a factor in this that I can't really list them all but I think primarily the more that comes out about ToR, the more it feels like a KoToR (or worst case KoToR II) that I would have to pay a monthly fee to play and use micro-transactions for new content or items. The SWG-hating hype also turns me off just because of how blind they are and how much they base how great it is off of information that has no basis on any official information (their battle call is "well it will be added later").

Maybe in the end it will be an ok game (and that is about the best I think I can hope for at this moment) but I really am not sure I am going to be jumping on board when it is released.

Now DCUO is a different story completely.