Cinematic Experience

One thing is certain, Gaming in general has become more of a movie experience than it has become innovative. That's not to say that there is no innovation anymore, but if you look at the overall presentation of alot of the blockbuster hits (and some of the small ones), it's engaging, creative camerawork and storytelling at it's best.

That's one of the things that I ended up loving about Champions Online. There are alot of missions that are simple and easy, but it rememebers to come back and draw you in with some well crafted cinematic displayed instances. There is one where you have to go into the Stronghold, which is a supervillian prison and stop Mentiac, a madman psychic villian whose taken control. The whole outside of the prison is really engaging with you fighting killers and convicts, but it really shines when you join the prison strike team and work your way through the floors. The other benefit is that it's actually tough at the level.

They do that a few times with you nemesis as well. You'll be going along fighting regular stuff, when some of your nemesis' henchman will attack. Occasionally you'll get a clue as to where a nemesis mission is, and it'll be something beautiful like they took over a TV station, or a government run facility.

I guess that's why companies like Cryptic and Bioware get such stark raving mad fans. They can create experiences that people didn't even know they wanted, and deliver to a wide variety of audience.

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