There comes a time in the life of an MMO that the players will create characters that either are exact replicas of the existing story's IP, or replica's of some other IP. I was surprised when I began playing Champions that there weren't more existing comic heros and now I know why.

Actually I'm kinda proud that they posted this reasoning online. this type of upfront explanation of exactly what they have to deal lets us know what we can or cannot (nevermind should or should not) do.

Now on to other things.

For the longest time, I always played a male character. Not because of any fear or craziness, just that the avatar in game that I chose to create was usually the same toon from case to case. I recently created 2 female toons (1 related to my main character, and the other her friend in my story),

and then the craziness happened.

I got hit on. Which makes me laugh, and sad and mad. It does dawn on me that the person sitting at the other end of the keyboard has no idea of who I am. In my entire time of online gaming, I've only been hit on once before this. That was by a female toon to my guy toon. Like always I ignored it. This time it was by a male toon to my female toon. It didn't help that the "guy" was a Santa clone superhero. I suppose what makes me the maddest is that the pickup line was sooooo weak. Not that there was any chance of anything at all, but really Sharpshooter (my Native American Superhero) deserves better than that.

Here's a summary:

"Hey Sharpshooter, You want to sit on Santa's lap and tell me what you want for Christmas"

"Everyone is this game is a guy." (my exact response)

"That's not true, I know some girls"

"Then go hit on them"

"Anyway, Peace"

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