This is a Bazaar update!

So the community has asked for it, and while that may not always be a good idea, the updates too the bazaar search feature look pretty nice. That Friday feature in the second link is from this past week, and just some of the taste of things we'll get in th enext game update.

Is is me or does it really seem like these next two updates (and the last one) are taking alot of suggestions from the players? Don't get me wrong, that's a good thing when they do it like they are, and listen to the overwhelming continuing themes, and not just the one loud thing people are mad about then. I know we are an old and small game, but I'm proud that we have a team that is focused on doing things right.

I'm not going ot bash SW:TOR, because I know alot of people will play the game, and honestly I think it will be fun, but I firmly believe there are alot of things that it will not have that Galaxies does right. People alwasy say that SOE is the laughing stock of the MMO world (not anyone I know, but you see it on the forums of people who hate SWG), but it's tough to actually reconcile that with a 6 year old Galaxies, and how ever old EQ and EQ2 are. The reason these games are still around, is because they are fun and cater to the gamer that is interested in what they have to offer.

People always think that Star Wars is something that should have the largest and most rabid fan base of anything, but in honesty that's not true. We Star Wars fans are getting older, and it's tougher to pull younger viewers into the things we like about Star Wars, when they have their own new and exciting adventure series. For example, how many of you wanted to be a cowboy because you grew up watching them on Saturday mornings? No think how old you are, and when the last time you saw a cowboy on saturday morning. The fact is Star Wars is, and has always been supported by an older fan, because 1) we have money, and 2) it caught us at the right time.

The same can be said for the No 1 comparison MMO (WoW), because it caters the it's actual fanbase, and makes an easy to get into universe. But mostly that it realizes who it's planning ot entertain. I don't think Star Wars is general has that yet.

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